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Established in 2003, Exquisite Mandaps is a fresh and vibrant alternative to conventional Mandaps. Our Mandaps are inspired by today’s contemporary styles and twists.
We endlessly strive to provide a personal touch of elegance to your special day by working with you and making it an unforgettable day.
All our Mandaps are designed to ensure every twist and detail meets today’s lively and energetic clientele.


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What our clients say

Me and Dipesh are just sat at the airport waiting to fly off on honeymoon and I just had to email before we left to say a massive thank you to you and your team for the amazing job you did with our mandap decor. It completely surpassed my expectation and whilst walking down the aisle I couldn't help but notice hiw stunning it all looked, so much better than I could ever have imagined! Everyone commented on what a good job you did so thank you for making our wedding that extra bit special, we really appreciate it.

Deepa & Dipesh
Wedding Decor

We're finally got a small window to breath again after the crazy but amazing wedding & reception....but not for long...we'll be boarding for our honeymoon in a few hours!! Just wanted to take this opportunity and really thank you again for all your efforts and good work for our wedding. The whole set up was beautiful and you were a real pleasure to work with. We will definitely be recommending you & the team to everyone getting married (and there's lots of them). Unsurprisingly, we've managed to lose a few items on the day, in between changeovers etc. In particular, two small pots which were patterned that we used to hold the coconuts. If your team found or picked anything up when you guys were clearing up then please give us a shout and we can arrange for it to be collected somehow. We'd like to get you a small gift to say thank you...I'm not sure if you saw on the day (I know I mentioned it to you) that we bought 30+ table card stands to hold our themes on. They are brand new and we've kept them in a box. We'd like to gift this to you...perhaps it's something you can hire out to future clients as I'm sure many people must need them for all reception table layouts (caterers usually only provide one for a number). If that's ok then let me know, we can arrange for you to pick up if you're in the area of we can post it out to you. We're heading on our honeymoon in a matter of hours so we'll speak on our return. Thanks again buddy!

Himal & Reena
Wedding Decor